Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dramatic Hills from Blue Foam

     Being in possession of a simply silly amount of blue foam board and a hot knife does strange things to one's mind. Talk has begun of restarting the Gorka-Morka campaign and this set me to thinking how mundane and "normal" my hills look (that and I was tired of putting revetments on my trench sections, see the post below). A weird alien planet, ravaged by a catastrophic planetary impact would hardly have verdant green, gently rolling hills, something needed to be done! I googled "Weird Rock Formations" and was rewarded with hundreds of pictures of strange rock formations from around the world; my Muse was awakened and I set to work.

the outline of the spires takes shape

the spires with the excess cut away

and carved into strange shapes

the cuts go nearly all the way through, this will need a base

as almost all of the unusual rock formations were of a sedimentary nature
I added the layers of stone to the sculpture

a rocky outcrop

other side of same

a larger outcrop,
 this one has layer that form stairs so figures can climb to the top

the reverse side of the same

an even larger outcrop, intended to occupy a corner of the table

it has a cave in the middle

       I will update when these get painted, maybe grind out a few more as we will probably be running several games at once and my Grots need cover from all that Orky shootiness


  1. Wow! Very nice indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing these painted...

    I need to work on some alien terrain for my VSF soon - you've got me thinking. Thanks!

    All the Best!

  2. I am planning on something very Painted Desert, oranges and rust reds with a dramatic yellow and a slate-blue thrown in for contrast. I am willing to bet yours looks as good as the other stuff on your web site, I will be watching.