Sunday, March 18, 2012

Warlords Colonial British Infantry 28mm

      As a companion peice to the recently released Zulu Unmarried Warrior Regiment Warlord Miniatures has released British Line Infantry in 28mm. These are dressed in the iconic red jacket and pith helmet and beautifully reproduce the defenders of Rourke's Drfit (as well as the ill-fated, and worse led, British troops from the battle of Isandlwana). In fact they would cover a very large portion of the troops that England fielded at the height of the Empire. Well cast in a medium gray plastic they models exhibit no flash or significant mold-lines. Included in the pack are four very characterful British officer figures which I will review in another post.

the box front

and the back, good painting references at least

the contents, five sprues and a bag with the command figures

each sprue has four figures, they do give you two extra heads

the other side of the sprue

the detail is very well-done and looks easy to paint

the anatomy and poses look natural

the faces are very well done

      Thisd is an excellent set, the posing and proportions of the minis are of the highest order, then casting work is superb and the subject choice is very good, and the price is excellent. If you are going to be playing 28mm Brit colonials you are foolish not to take a look at these.

     Very Highly Recommended,   John


  1. I NEED some! They look great. Thanks for the review.

  2. I also NEED some, to garrison the Martian colonies of course!