Monday, March 12, 2012

Warlord Games Zulus, 28mm Plastic Zulu figure reveiw

     I have always (well, not always, but since the very first time that I saw the movie Zulu) wanted to do a massive Zulu army. I was excited when Wargames Factory brought out theirs, but that excitement was short-lived due to the level of fugly that those minis displayed. When I heard that Warlord was going to do the minis I was heartened but cautious, some of their earlier stuff was less than thrilling. When I saw the box at Michigan Toy Soldier I grabbed and got permission to take a look inside. Frankly I was thrilled, these are some damned fine figures! Take a look (as always, click on the picture for a larger veiw);

good box-art, it provides clues for painting

back of the box, well painted with posing ideas

not really instructions but they do provide the regimental uniform colors and a little history blurb

eight sprues of warriors and one metal leader

the Induna in full regalia

back veiw of same

front of sprue, all are the same

back of the sprue

the details are crips and plentiful

one of the big advantages of plastic is that the details are to scale,
no more "ham-hands" or giant heads, Thank-God!

characterful faces, and more than you need

you can tell that the gun is a Synder, man I love details!

more details

     I won't guess as to who sculpted these little beauties but they are every bit as good as the Perry Brothers product (and I love their work, so I don't say that lightly). The posing, balance and physiology of the minis is spot-on. If you are doing a Zulu army and you buy some other product you will be doing yourself a disservice.

    Very Highly Recommended,  John

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