Saturday, March 3, 2012

To The Blue Foam Beyond Part IIb; More thoughts on revetments

     Having asked for suggestions and comments (and having gotten many good ideas, both here and on TMP) I have been thinking about, and trying out, different ideas. I have now settled on the manner in which I am going to build the rest of my trench lines. I have decided to upgrade from stiff card to matte-board, the sort of very heavy card they use to matte pictures. This is soft, and thick, enough to take a good impression but still goes together in nearly no time at all.

the thickness allows a deeper impression and also creates an edge to the planking
matte board on the right, card on the left

if you draw larger sections it goes much faster

notice my masterful wood grain effect

more wood grain, those art classes in college are really paying off big-time

I stuck the posts into a block of blue foam to make painting easier

after I finished painting it occurred to me that cutting AFTER painting would also speed things along

more creative wood effects

but this time I painted the piece before I cut it up!

it also occurred to me that pre-fabbing the sections would make things a bit faster as well

     That is all for now, this looks like it will work out to my liking. The matte-board gives depth to the planking and is easier to work with. I will have pictures of the sections in place pretty soon.

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