Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Still More Silliness with Blue Board

     This morning before work a threw a coat of "grunge wash" on The Head. Grunge wash is a mixture of the crud that has accumulated in the bottom of the paintbrush cleaning cup, a shot or two of Future Floor Wax and a touch of black. This was liberally applied to the entire surface of the model. I have to say that I was happy to see the wash running in leggy streams over the surface of the model as I finished, much like a sweet Port will leave "legs" on the inside of a glass when swirled. I was excited to see what it looked like when it had dried. Upon my return home I was confronted with this:

     As I was unable to attend the Tuesday FoW game due to an unscheduled babysitting event I decided to give it a quick bry-brush with some Dolphin Gray. This turned out better than I had any right to hope and I was rewarded with this:

     I am still working out the details for the interior, I will update when the thing is finished.


  1. Dry-brushing! It's all dry-brushing!

    But man, does that thing look nice now. You could make and sell those things at cons, man.

  2. Drybrushing is an art form of the highest order, doncha know?

    I am thinking of jamming some of the cheap plastic rubies that I picked up for the old Pirate Island game into the eye sockets and then sticking one of those battery-powered "candles" inside the head behind them to make the eyes glow, I likes special effects!