Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sometimes Things Just Happen Part V

     Truth be told, I get bored easily. I just finished painting my way through a small mountain of 1/300 buildings for R.U.P. to use in his upcoming Batteltech Extravaganza. I have a dozen other projects on the "Urgent" pile but I had the itch to build a boat. I remembered that my friend Steve had expressed an interest in having one of my pre-dreadnoughts for his own and that he found the two-tier turrets of the Kearsarge class of USN battleships to be intriguing.

      Then this sort of happened.......

at the end of a couple of hours I had this worked up

another few hours brought further refinements and some paint

     She still needs a fair amount of work; guns, boats, ventilators, masts and railings, but she is taking shape nicely. As usual lots of concessions have been made to both playability and storage-space. A fair half of the hull length is missing as are the attendant midships guns. Other details have been ruthlessly pared down to the bare minimum to reduce breakage and clear deck space for the crew.
The picture below gives you an idea of how much was traded away to reduce the model to a manageable size.

this is the "missing bit" the funnels and cranes will be re-arranged to make sure
 that they appear on the model , the bow and stern have been foreshortened as well 

     I skipped on the step-by-step as there is nothing new in the modelling techniques used in this build. Check "Adventures in Blue Board and Foamcore" for step-by-step articles on my prior projects


  1. Honest mom, it followed me home! Can we keep it?

    Nice work!

  2. Antons shipyard is in full swing again...

  3. Nicely done and check out the prior post for sure. It’s great that you spend your time modeling. 😀

  4. Everybody NEEDS a pre-dreadnought. It's the natural order of things.

  5. The Master Blaster from beyond thunder dome, that's what you are! Nicely done.