Monday, June 11, 2018

The Gift of Brotherhood

I don't normally do too many posts, but this felt merited. I had recently gone to a wedding in northern Illinois (not far from Lake Geneva, in fact) for a friend from college, where I saw a bunch of old fraternity brothers (including the groom and his best man). At the reception, the best man and his wife ran into a problem: many of the people who came had come through a shuttle service, and they had barely missed the next-to-last shuttle to their lodging. They had to leave early the next morning and the final bus to their lodgings would be leaving at midnight.

Thankfully, I brought my Terrain with me and drove them back. Stephen, the best man, offered me money, but I turned it down because friendship, brotherhood, yadda yadda yadda. I got an unremarkable text from him asking me what my address was and didn't think about it until this  showed up.

Yes, Stephen (who is a fantastic painter) brushed up a Primaris Space Marine in our fraternal colors.

Still amazed at the freehand letter painting on the shoulder. So this post is a little bit of a "thank you", but also to show off some really wonderful painting skill. And for anyone reading; if you are ever hard up on a gift idea, a personalized miniature is a pretty cool way to go about things. Thanks again, Stephen!

- JnR


  1. I think that the adjective "fantastic" is a considerable understatement

    1. Yes, but I'm his brother, not his wife. Don't want to get too glowy with my language.

  2. Awesome. A treasure of friendship.

  3. Very nice gesture and sentiment. 😀

  4. Sweet paint job, maybe I'll start a chapter in this color, cause they go along nicely on this figure!