Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Conquest Miniatures Medieval Knights

the front of the box, don't let the box-art fool you, there are real beauties inside!

     Conquest Miniatures has released a new set of knights. These follow on the Norman Knights released some time ago and are of the same stunning quality. Aimed at the period when armored cavalry was just beginning to add heraldry due to the introduction closed helmets. These are perfect for the European wars of the middle 1100s through the middle 1200s as well as the Second and Third Crusades. The models are cast in a hard gray plastic that exhibits superb detail. There is no flash whatsoever and the mold-lines are nearly invisible. Conquest continues to provide sixteen models per box rather than the usual twelve making this kit a significant value as well.

the back of the box; masterfully painted miniatures show the real quality of this kit, 
perhaps they should have a sit-down with the Graphics-Arts team and turn this thing around

the contents; one sprue of bases, two of horses, one command sprue and three knight sprues

Conquest makes some of the most elegant equine figures that I have ever seen. 
proportions, pose and detail are simply the best

the other side of the horse sprue, not much to see here

a close-up of the heads, they have an almost sculptural quality

command sprue side A, loads of posing options 
and plenty of extra heads and weapons

side B of the same, there are some really nice touches in this set 

eleven heads might seem excessive for one figure to some people,
 but not to Conquest, these spares will be turning up on lots of my projects

the commander gets the same broad selection of weapons that the knights get, 
they cover all of the most popular ways of bashing the living daylights out of your enemy

detail, proportion and animation are all very good

the weapons are in-scale with the miniatures

more of the nice touches, 
there is a coronet with a hand with the mail glove turned back to add to the spare arm, 
great attention to detail!

and another arm with a falcon!

knights sprue side A 
this has the same selection of heads and weapons as the command sprue 
but adds five knights with shields

knights sprue side B

     I cannot recommend these models highly enough. They are simply superb; equaling or exceeding the very best metal miniatures with the added bonus that you can create lots of individual poses by taking advantage of the flexibility of plastic multi-part models. They are an excellent value for the money and would be a stunning centerpiece for an early Medieval army.

                                                                                                        John Thull

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