Saturday, June 23, 2018

Size comparison, Old Glory T-55 vs PSC T-55 vs Peter Pig T-55

    Having put a spot of paint on my new T-55 I decided to see how it compares to the venerable Old Glory version that I have in my AK-47 collection. Once again the grid lines are 1/4". Given its age the Old Glory model holds up rather well.

   Next we see a Peter Pig kit next to the PSC model.  This kit come from RUP's collection. The turret looks even more fully rounded that the Old Glory one and the barrel has an odd muzzle brake/flash suppressor flare at the tip that I haven't seen in any photographs. The details are nice but it appears to be in a scale slightly larger than 1/100, it is marketed as being "15mm" so there is only an implied scale.

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  1. Always interesting to see size comparisons between different manufacturers.