Monday, June 18, 2018

Kearsarge Komplete

     Well,  I managed to find a few hours and finished this model. Overall it was a fun build. I think the model is effective in conveying the style of the ship, even if 55% of the hull was shortened away.

side-shot, ruler for scale 

3/4 rear from above, the deck amidships is very busy

a more formal side-view
the peculiar "double stacked" turrets are clearly shown in this picture
fancy works on the bow were all the rage in 1890's
the flying bridge needs only a stalwart mustachioed Commodore 

from this low angle you can see the very low freeboard that US battleships possessed 

ready to deliver a broadside

of course the ship's boat are deployable

detailing the cranes took forever

     There was nothing special about the techniques used in this build so I spared everybody the step-by-step on building this model. For further tips, yechniques and ideas check out the Adventures in Blue Board and Foamcore page on this blog.


  1. Pretty cool ship. The project came out well. 😀