Thursday, January 10, 2019

And we're offf to the Show!!!!

     I have finished the Wreck of Remagen project just in time to crate it all up and ship it out to Michigan Toy Soldier so that they can take it on the show circuit.  But, I thought that I would let my loyal viewers (and any confused soul who has wandered here inadvertently) a first glance at the completed gaming table. All of the panels except the bridgehead one are geomorphic. they can be rotated and re positioned to give a different field of play in each game. The model was constructed entirely of blueboard (except for the sand and kitty litter) so it weighs nearly nothing.

the Park will gain a statue for the top of the hill 
as soon as I can figure out where I put that crate of 54mm collector figures a few years back

what it really needs is some scaled-down propaganda posters on the walls

this table would also be good for a game of 40K or Bolt Action

the Ludendorff Bridge and railway siding

just a hint of the river along one edge,
I didn't want to give away to much space to a feature that was really just eye-candy

the shine on the river is Future Floor wax over blue craft paint 

one of the tank models built by the Michigan Toy Soldier Shop staff


  1. Dude, can't believe it's done already. But we are talking about the amazing Anton!

  2. What a terrific looking project! Congrats on a genuinely fine, scratch built piece of terrain.

  3. You seem to have complete led this in record time! The boards look great and will be lots of fun to play on. 😀

    1. Just under a week, about thirty hours total time (four or so being spent building the base panels) ....and the workshop is a mess!