Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hitting the Ground Running

    Having looked backward in my last post I have decided to look only forward with this one. To start the year off right I spent most of New Year's day in the workshop and got a couple of things dome and a few more started. Having a hard deadline of 12JAN19 (Spartacon) really put a fire under me to complete some of these tasks so I can't claim an entirely altruistic motivation. Truth be told all of these little projects are to support games that I am running there. I'm signed up for another convention in February and a further one in March; hopefully I can maintain this level of productivity!

templates for my WW2 tank game; artillery, strafing-run, dive-bomber
these support mission come in three levels of intensity so the templates reflect that;
mounting board and acrylic paints did the trick

the last of my air-support models,
a lovely little model of a ME-109e

dust clouds as movement markers 
more mounting board and polyfill stuffing

finally ship data sheets for my 28mm Pre-Dreadnought game
it has been a long time since I did that much writing by hand, whew!


  1. Nice start to the year! I also get motivated to do projects by scheduling to host games at a convention. It’s when I don’t have an upcoming convention that I flounder about more.