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Command Card Deck, Eastern Front JUN44-JAN45

     I have been working on a Command Card Deck for the next game that I'm presenting at Flintcon on 9FEB19. Rather than take hard-to-read photos of the deck I am presenting it here in a neatly typed format (you can thank me later).  As always comments, suggestions and criticism are all welcome.

      There are two new types of cards in this deck one is the "2xFree Action" and the other is the "Pre-plotted Artillery". The 2xFree Action card is self-explanatory; it allows the unit so named to take any two Free Actions that it chooses. The Pre-Plotted artillery is used in a scenario where one (or both) sides have planned an action and have taken the time to select likely areas for bombardment and have pre-registered the target. A Pre-Plotted barrage is always at "High Intensity" level but must fall on a target location selected before any miniatures are deployed on the table. The player gets to select as many targets as his deck contains Pre-Plotted barrage cards.

German Units                                                  
Panzer A   2 x Free Action                                              
Panzer A   1/2 move & Free Action                                
Panzer A   1/2 move & Free Action                                                     
Panzer A   Move*                                                             
Panzer B      2 x Free Action
Panzer B     1/2 move & Free Action                               
Panzer B     1/2move & Free Action                                
Panzer B     Move*
German Special  2x Free Action                                        
German Special  1/2move & Free Action                         
German Special  1/2move & Free Action                         
German Special  1/2move & Free Action                         

Soviet Units                                                                       
Tankovy Co.#1   2x Free Action                                        
Tankovy Co.#1   2x Free Action
Tankovy Co.#1   2x Free Action                                            
Tankovy Co.#1   1/2move & Free Action                                 
Tankovy Co.#1   1/2move & Free Action                           

Tankovy Co #2     1/2move & Free Action
Tankovy Co #2     1/2move & Free Action                                                     
Tankovy Co #2     Free Action                                                 
Tankovy Co #2     Move*

Soviet Specials   2x Free Action                                                 
Soviet Specials   2x Free Action
Soviet Specials   1/2move & Free Action
Soviet Specials   1/2move & Free Action

System Cards

German C/O Free Action
Soviet C/O Free Action

Turn Over
Turn Over
Turn Over

German Air Support
German Air Support
German Artillery

Soviet Air Support
Soviet Air Support
Soviet Artillery
Soviet Pre-Plotted

German Free Action
German Move*

Soviet Free Action 
Soviet Free Action
Soviet Move*

       As a moment's perusal will show the Soviets have learned a thing or two since 1941. One of the Russian Tankovy Companies is actually move active than its German counterpart and the overwhelming artillery and air strength of the Soviet Army is reflected by the significant advantage that they have in cards that call in such support. Such support is also more likely to be at a higher intensity as well which is shown by the following chart;

Support Intensity Chart

Die Roll  1d6                    German                                                 Soviet
     1                                Low Intensity                                       Low Intensity
     2                                Low Intensity                                       Medium Intensity
     3                                Low Intensity                                       Medium Intensity
     4                                Medium Intensity                                 Medium Intensity
     5                                Medium Intensity                                 High Intensity
     6                                High Intensity                                       High Intensity

Soviet Air Support is as follows; 1d6:  1-4  IL-2      5-6  P-39
   both Soviet aircraft use 3d6, the P-39 may be counted as a fighter to ward of German airstrikes

German Air Support, 1d6:    1-3 Me-109,  4-5  Ju-87  6  HS-129
   Me-109 counts as a fighter, JU-87 a bomber and the HS-129 counts as a bomber but uses 4d6

Panzer Aces

   To somewhat offset this advantage you will find that there are five cards marked with an asterisk *
These cards allow the "Panzer Aces" to be activated.

      A Panzer Ace is an unusually skillful tank crew  that is allowed a Free Action every time a card with an asterisk is flipped. Panzer Aces are chosen at random from among the German armor units before the game begins. They are a single tank within their parent platoon and act normally whenever that platoon is activated. When a card with an asterisk is flipped the Panzer Aces (not their platoons) are free to act as if they had flipped a Free Action card of their own. In the game envisioned above there would be three Panzer Aces. Panzer Aces test Morale as Fanatics.

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