Thursday, January 3, 2019

Trying to keep up the pace....

     I might have over-done it on New Years Day, but I'm going to try to keep up the pace as long as I can manage. Today I completed the ME-109e that I had assembled on the 1st. I had forgotten how much longer aircraft take to paint. This wasn't helped by my refusal to buy special Luftwaffe colors for this one-off project which resulted in my hand-mixing all of the colors. All the same, the Airfix kit is a delight to build and very well detailed with good decals. I built it with the gear up and trimmed off the props (I resisted the urge to put a thin sheet of clear plastic on as spinning blades) then stuck a bit of steel to the bottom to give my magnetic aircraft flight base a thing to hold onto. No IPMS show stopper here but a decent looking model all the same.

again I'm left to wonder why they bothered with camouflage 
when the aircraft is covered with huge markings and has yellow wingtips

the model certainly captures the look of the original

the model is a newer mold than the one I recall from my youth, 
it is really a pretty good kit with cockpit and engine detail

     I am currently digging through the "Urgent" pile looking for more stuff to finish up and get into action. At this pace I will only have to live another 137 years to finish my Projects Pile!


  1. Wow, your jack of all trade skills amaze me, but this is truly something above that. Well done sir, well done!