Saturday, January 5, 2019

Sometimes a new coat of paint can't make everything look better

     Having finished the build on the test panel last night I got up early and put a coat of dark gray housepaint over the whole thing. After a couple pof hours of drying-time I then gave the interior of the buildings a good spray with Krylon Primer Matte Black followed by a lighter spray of Gray Primer followed with a dusting of Matte White Primer. After allowing this to dry I think that might just be enough to make this good to go for a game......just five more panels to go!

"mistint gray", I wonder if that is a real color?
it has been a bit since I did any ruins,
 I should have held off on the kitty litter until after painting,
it soaked up an amazing amount of paint

after a liberal application of spray paint
too much surface for dry-brushing so spray was required

on the remaining panels I will have to limit the height and amount of cover
 or the game will turn into a re-fight of Stalingrad


  1. Burning the midnight old again Anton? Buildings look great.

  2. I'm trying to get these done before Spartacon, I'm burning the midday oil too! :)