Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Damage Continues to Spread..

     So I had a couple of hours to myself this afternoon. Football had entered a phase that leaves me cold and no hockey on that I cared to watch so I found myself in the workshop once more. I need to complete five more panels to go with the test panel so there was nothing for it but to get stuck in. I framed up two more 2'x2' panels and got to work, first was a park with a small hill in the middle the other panel was a non-intersection. These are intended for use with What a Tanker rules and from past experience long lanes of fire tend to lead to static games of sniping. To avoid this I'm doing my best to break up the roadway with obstructions that shorten line of sight and allow lots of maneuver

knowledge is power (aided by gravity)
I'm sure that the verbose Sir Charles Oman 
had no idea how helpful he would be to my terrain projects 

the roundabout turned out to be more work than I thought it would be 
but it does nicely demonstrate the flexibility of blueboard   

I plan on adding a statue on the top of the hill

then I built a walled area, 
does anybody know where I can find 1/48scale playground equipment?

the temptation to do this with all four corners was great
but I recalled that this was for a maneuver game and walls do not assist with that

next was the "non-intersection" panel, 
the odd layout of roads maintains the geomorphic nature of the panels
 without leaving an intersection that allows across-the-table shots

once again the structures are just blueboard glued into position with Titebond
trying to leave space for the tanks to move around while
 still looking like a bombed-out city was a challenge

this time I remembered to put down just the sand prior to painting,
 the kitty litter comes later

the two panels together, the other corners of the park will likely get some trees

     Now I'm off to knock together the other three panels and (while the glue on those is drying) I will toss a coat of paint on these. With any luck I can have them all done before the weekend.


  1. Dude, these are coming along so nicely! Great job! We’re lucky football and hockey were so boring that day (though really, those are boring every day). 😀