Wednesday, January 9, 2019

General Ludendorff, here is your bridge

     In a burst of energy I managed to get the other five panels painted, flocked and ready to go, which left me with no further excuses for not tackling the towers that are the iconic symbol of the Ludendorff Bridge. I took a long look at the photos of the bridge, fired up my faithful assist Proxxie and got to cutting foam. After a few hours I had this.

the massive octagonal towers featured machine gun positions near the base

they consumed a lot of space on the panel

unable to find Lionel tracks with a tight enough curve to suit my purposes 
I was forced to build the tracks by hand using blueboard

it was easier than I thought it would be

the bridge and towers are all removable to ease storage and transportation

     I tried to keep the look of the real thing while adding a cartoonish touch. The blocky look of the bridge and the whimsical railroad tracks help to add to the "let's not take this too seriously" air of the entire project (I hope). Barring any unforeseen hurdles you can see this in action at Spartacon this Saturday in Lansing.


  1. Holy Cow that is amazing. I think I need to get a hotwire cutter to replace my box knife.

    1. If you are at all interested in building terrain and such I cannot recommend any tool more highly that my faithful Proxxie at just over $100US it is well worth every penny

  2. No friggin way you carved train tracks. Looks really good!

    I would take your terrain very seriously. 😀