Thursday, December 14, 2017

Details, details, details......

    Despite the rumors of my demise I battle on (working 152 hours out of the last 288 has prevented any work on the blog in the last 12 days, but I carry on!).. The Castillo has gotten to the point where there are a host of tiny details. This is slow work and less than enlightening as far as techniques go so I have not bored you with the routine but necessary work.
        As I come to new ideas or techniques I do try to highlight them and below you will find as much. In my endless quest to reduce the blueboard pile at my house I try to find ways to use it instead of other products. To this point I needed some 3/32" round dowels to use for the cable-molding on the Castillo, but I needed that doweling to be flexible enough to wrap around my corner towers which are about 1 1/4" in diameter, clearly the standard Birch wood is not up to the task; enter blue board! But It is Square! you exclaim in disbelief. Only to begin with, I reply.  Follow the madness below.

let us start with an unsuspecting 1/4" square bit of blueboard

find a smooth hard surface and roll it under your hand like a bit modeling clay

once you have, quite literally, taken the edges off place another smooth hard surface atop 
the stick of blue board, roll it back and forth vigorously while pressing down gently

try that with a bit of birch doweling

once I had it rolled out and curled into a circle it
 was a simple matter to glue it onto the corner towers

      Once again I find myself surprised at the flexibility of blue board and a medium for dimensional modeling, it is some pretty amazing stuff.

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