Sunday, December 17, 2017

For want of a nail....

     So, I sat myself down and faced up to the jam I had placed myself in. Nail heads, zillions of 'em! Dozens of shutters and doors each needing dozens of nail heads to look believable, then there was the drawbridges.......

     Three hours later I was done. I think they turned out rather well after all.

in retrospect I probably should have painted the coat of arms on that shield
before I glued it to the drawbridge....

can't build with wood and not use nails! next is chains and portcullises

there are an awful lot of windows and doors on this thing !
I really should have made a mold and cast them in resin, such is hindsight


  1. Dude that definitely added a nice touch. Glad to hear your going to do a coat of arms on drawbridge, it screams paint me and will look so cool.


  2. Looks great, nice details on the windows...