Friday, December 15, 2017

OK, So I'm a wimp...

     Facing the daunting task of installing bars in simply dozens of window frames I wimped out. The fact that I had run out of florist's wire and there was a snowstorm in progress gave me an excuse, but it was just an excuse and I know it.
     Instead of the barred windows I opted for installing shutters, it was only afterward that I realized that I would now have to put no less than four rivets on each and every one of of the hinge straps!

What price cowardice?

Of course the answer is Tedium, more Tedium.           Oh, the shame of it all!

in retrospect I should have made a mold for the window and door frames
at times I am an idiot


  1. Dude that looks really cool, is this for 15mm? I'm thinking so based on other stuff in picture but can't tell for sure.


  2. That's not's just sanity!

  3. Now you have to paint them all red....!