Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Return of the Giant Ships, Naval Gaming in 28mm (more or less)

     The redoubtable Ray Braemer has prevailed upon me to run a game at SpartaCon this January. Given that this is the one venue with enough square footage to allow a game of 28mm Pre-Dreadnoughts I offered to haul my fleets down to the Lansing Center and run a game.

     To put myself in the right state of mind I scrolled through the previous posts on the building and use of these giant models. In doing so I noticed a pattern that occurred in the games; the French lost. Stop your snickering! We are talking about the French Navy, not the army. The French Navy was one of the benchmarks used by the British for fleet comparison purposes, no Royal Navy, but they were pretty darned good! The Imperial Prussian Navy certainly didn't have the reputation that the French did.

      To redress this problem I have decided to add a few boats to the French Fleet. A brace of gunboats to be exact. See my initial ideas below.

as usual I don't really have a plan, I just start cutting foam

having a few bits and bobs like light deck guns 
already built does help the visualization process 
I'm thinking that shielded main guns might be more fun than turrets

     After the convention I am considering selling off a few of the vessels that I have no need for, if you are interested in one of them contact me at daftrica 89 at yahoo dot com. We can discuss pricing and shipping arrangements.


  1. What.. I had one hell of time sinking the French ships. If it was for one lucky hit at close range. The Germans would of been Like the new ships.

  2. So, Gary, should I give each side a new ship?
    Or maybe I can toughen up the Prussian Armored Cruiser?

  3. Just toughen up the cruiser. The French out ranged us...

  4. Here you go Buddy .. A new French ship for you to build.