Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lace Wars, Grenadiers at last

I finally got back to the workbench for a bit and got a battalion of Grenadiers painted. They are in green and red to go with the musketeers I finished a while back. Two battalions of foot and I can get started on the cavalry (and then, the artillery).

the mitre hats make them look very large next to the other figures


it is too bad that these figures have disappeared from the marketplace, 
I have heard bad things about Warlord's repackaging of this line

they are excellent figures for the money, 
and I have a penchant for modifying is so much easier with plastics

ready for battle!

     These figures were painted with the Americana Craft Paints available from Michael's or Hobby Lobby here in the States. They were primed with Krylon flat white spray paint. The washes were done using Future Floor Wax to improve flow and adhesion and the matted finish is Armory Matte spray.


  1. Great paint work on the figures Anton...

  2. My, my, my...what an excellent job! This lot look completely ready to take on the best the enemy can throw at them!