Wednesday, December 21, 2016

DONE! Danish Garden til Fods finished at last

     I discovered that I had all of my Christmas shopping done and nothing to distract myself from this project, so I sat myself down and finished the buttons and skin highlights then applied a final sealing coat of Armory Matte Finish spray.  Here they are in all their glory; The Danish Foot Guards.

I really must get over to and find some banners for these units I have been painting

the straw colored jackets really stand out 
and the carmine facings make the entire ensemble look very striking

the ability to modify the pose of the command figures is quite a distraction,
it is just as well that the normal line infantry are all one-piece castings

the standard bearer and the drummer came out quite well,
 I have reservations about the officer lunging with the sword....the legs are not dynamic enough

the bossy chap pointing and shouting I do really like

they appear very intent and purposeful, let's hope the fight as good as they look! 

answering a request from TMP; here are the paints that I used  

     One battalion of foot left, then I think I will switch off between Horse and Artillery.