Sunday, December 4, 2016

Blood Bowl Revival!

Since GW has rereleased Blood Bowl, RUP and I were thinking of giving the whole League thing a second try.  As the last time kind of fell apart really quickly, we were hoping to have a bit more dedication to the cause this time.
  • The hope was to get around 8 players (given our group, this is eminently possible) and creating two divisions of play. Probably do something along the lines of two divisions, with a 3-2-3 schedule for division play and non-division play. After that, a tournament of yet-to-be determined size/format and maybe a Pro Bowl between the two divisions (with obvious "We are just doing this for the paycheck" rules on injuries).
  • A game of Blood Bowl, by the rules, shouldn't take more than two hours unless people are maxing out their clocks. This should make games fairly easy to do, even on days other than Saturdays. I know that RUP and Anton will likely have weird schedules in the near future, and was hoping to put together a division that would be willing to set up off-days to play. RUP, Anton and I would be in it.
  • Right now any team is open, whether it be between official rules or "legacy" rules they've released to hold people over until new seasons of Death Zone. I dunno if anyone wants to play the Bretonnians from the video games, but if someone really wants it, it could be considered.
  • We need a certain level of dedication. I think we could get at least one night a month to play league games, and maybe play games before or after other games on Saturdays. I think getting 4 games in a month shouldn't be out of the question. Arriving on time and ready to play isn't an unreasonable commitment.
  • Everyone needs to have a painted team. No substitute "Generic Fantasy Soldier is a War Dancer" stuff: have a group of miniatures which are either made for the game or converted to be so. Right now there are only three teams out, but more will be coming out in upcoming months (which is why doing this now isn't a huge thing) and if you want to go to the numerous manufacturers outside of GW who make such models, feel free. I know some of us have multiple teams that we aren't playing, so if you need a loner, feel free to ask.
Anyways, comments, questions, ideas and team declarations welcome. One thing to consider: things from the video games like the Stadium Upgrades could be fun and interesting for out-of-game stuff. Would help build the idea "home field advantage", or at least give different fields a little different play.

- JnR


  1. YES!!!!

    I claim Chaos Dwarves!

    I start painting the team tonight ... well after I figure out what the team will consist of ... THEN, I will start painting the team straight off!

  2. I got to pass. No bloody bowl figures...