Friday, December 16, 2016

Lace Wars continues; Danish Garden til Fods

     I have gotten back to the workbench and have been laboring away at the next to last foot unit, the Danish Garden til Fods ( Foot Guards in plain English). They are happily clad in a straw colored coat with carmine facings, a delightful change form the grey/red/blue cycle that seemed to dominate coat colors of the period. I have the larger blocking done and some of the detail as well, next is washes and highlights.......another week at least.

the contrasting coats of the officers stags out in this color scheme rather boldly 

 as always I could not resist modifying the figures

     All that remains is a helmeted fusilier battalion and then it is off to the cavalry!


  1. They look very nice!
    I just finished painting them myself. I wish I'd seen yours first because, one didn't realise the officers wore reverse colours and two, I didn't realise that was carmine. (I googled and it sounded just like red.) I have other regiments to paint with carmine so you've saved them! :)