Friday, June 21, 2024

Trenches for the Quar, Part VI, Final texture, drybrushing and turf


        Last we visited the battlefield it was looking a bit wet (having been freshly painted that was to be expected).  That has come and gone as has another heavy coat of wet paint and some finer texture applied into the wet paint. Once that had set the whole thing was given a two stage drybrushing of lighter shades of the basecoat (the beauty of the modern big-box home improvement store is that you can pick your color and then get smaller jars in lighter shades mixed up a tester pots). Once all that had set all that remained was to add the bit of vegetation that has survived he shelling so far.

after drybrushing with lighter shades of the same color to make the details pop,
I use a 2 1/2" paintbrush with a medium stiffness bristle for the drybrushing
then I masked off the areas that I didn't want turf to get on
application is straightforward; spray the entire surface with a 30/70 Titebond/water mix until wet (I use one of those cheap trigger spray bottles that you can find in the grocery store cleaning supplies aisle) then sprinkle (I use Woodland Scenics) the turf onto the wet glue, try to stay a good distance above the surface to left the turf disperse on the way down
once you have covered the whole table remove the masks 
and spray the entire table again on top of the turf to wet it down and ensure
 that the glue has a solid grip on things, go now and read a book, this will take hours to dry

       Now the one remaining significant task is to make about 3,000 sandbags and install them along the parapet of the trenches. But that is a problem for another day.

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  1. The little tricks you come up with, you are the man!