Monday, June 17, 2024

Jumping The Shark; or Anton goes and buys a 3-D Printer

I only have one spool attached, everything I make will end up getting painted

       After ten years of talking about it and endless reading of reviews and such I finally broke down and purchased a 3-D printer. Now I can make zillions of things right in my basement (as if I'm not 40,000+ figures behind as it is!). I am now the proud owner of a Bambu A1 mini. This thing is simplicity itself, it was up and running inside of an hour of getting home from  Microcenter. Assembly consisted of attaching a couple of parts and feeding the filament into the machine. After a quick test-print of a manufacturer provided file I purchased an STL file from Wargames Atlantic Digital and it was off to the races! The results you can see below; 

gangster vs bison; the bison lost the tip of his tail to me during support clean-up,
I forgot that they have a little tuft of hair on the end of their tail and cut it off

       Soon I will be up to my eyeballs in farm animals for my Vikings to try to pillage


  1. What did the Buffalo say to his boy when he dropped him off at school?

  2. Of course what you really need is Sheep. That will arouse the interest of the Vikings ... and Scotsmen!