Saturday, August 17, 2019

Basing a Playmobil Coliseum Part IV A splash of paint and a bit of sand

      With August flying past at break-neck speed I poured my free time into the Coliseum Project. I finished the pitfall traps and got them painted and then betook myself to the sand bucket and drew forth a ration of sand. A neck and shoulder straining hour later the arena floor was coated in paint and grit. I have to wait until tomorrow for the paint to dry to see how it looks, but I'm confident that this undertaking is nearly done.

I made another liner for the large pit, this shows the door has dropped inward so that anyone on the lid has now been deposited at the bottom of the pit, I'm going to make different floors for this rather than build three more inserts; a snake pit, a bear pit and set of spikes

after wasting too much time trying to make the trap-door function
 I decided to just glue the doors in the "oops I did it again!" position

then I completed the two smaller spike pits

these were equipped with a frightful array of deadly spikes

they also drop into holes cut in the arena floor,
if Kevin wants different versions I can make them to order

all of the accessories so far....

then I broke down and make covers for the stake pits

finally done with the pit-falls I got around to giving the arena floor a coat of house paint and sprinkled sand directly onto the wet paint, this will dry overnight and the loose sand will be swept up


  1. Dude your killing me, no update since a day ago??? The suspense is killing me!!!


  2. Sorry Kevin, I was overrun by a horde of out-of-state grandchildren over the weekend, I didn't get much accomplished. I will have a progress report by tomorrow evening