Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Omnia Parata*, Playmobil Coliseum base is completed!

      Having narrowly survived an invasion of grandchildren over the weekend I got right back to work on the coliseum base. In discussion with Kevin he suggested that the surface was too irregular. A quick overcoat of sand and wallboard compound toned down the texture and I got back to painting.

come to think of it the surface does look a bit like a lava flow

a 50/50 mix of wallboard compound and paint brushed over the surface 
and lightly dusted with sand calmed things down nicely

the dry-brushing was done using tester pots from Lowe's paint shop,
 two colors; Mocha Latte and then Frappe (who names these things?)

the poor old  25mm Citadel Byzantine Emperor looks lost in this huge place

the pillars are the ubiquitous plastic wedding cake pillars from Hobby Lobby (look in the baking section, not the wedding section) with a couple .45 slugs jammed up the base and hot glued into place and then a small wooden disc glued on the bottom and a square of matte board over the top
the weighted base helps keep the pillars from toppling over on the minis

I painted the corners black to remind the players where to roll the dice, we don't want the lovely (but delicate) resin minis getting knocked around by errant dice on the playing surface

a straightforward build but I think it turned out rather well

happy birthday Kevin!

* Omnia Parata is Latin for "all is ready"


  1. Nice work. I may just be motivated to do something with my (err my son's) playmobile arena! Will look good as a convention game for sure!

  2. Really enjoyed seeing the project come together. You did a great job and that coliseum looks utterly fantastic. 😀

  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words !

  4. I assume the columns and top that come with the set were used for something else? Very nice arena by the way.

  5. Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine..... weeeeee!!!! Looks so super cooler in person. You are the man!


  6. Have Buddy you out did yourself on this one.. I can hear the Christians screaming for mercy....

  7. I have seen this up close and it is awesome.