Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Decidedly less dramatic hills

     Having spent (way too many) hours repainting the dramatic hills so that the sedimentary layers matched from hill to hill I gave them a coat of Grunge Wash (see the posting below for the "formula") to tone them down from the slightly garish colors. This dulled them down in a pleasing manner.

      Having reduced the shock value a good bit I decided that they now needed a heavy weathering, I mean, who cleans up in the desert? They were in need of dust and dirt! I mixed a bit of Pewter Gray with Ochre and a goodly portion of white to get a dust color that looked like it went with the color scheme of the hills. This was heavily applied using a large stiff brush to the edges and flat surfaces of the hills to highlight the shapes while toning the colors down even further. You will find the results below.

     Looking at it in the pictures I may have gotten a little heavy-handed with the drybrushing, but they will look better on a tan or sand colored table. I will have to come up with some sort of basing for the rock spires as they are rather tippy. At the bare minimum my Grots finally have someplace to hide from the Ork shootiness.


  1. You know, your grots could hide off board and simply not be in the campaign. We already have one weedy digga, we don't need something even weedier.

    And as usual, dry-brushing fixes everything. It looks like they muted the colors in a nice way.

  2. You will learn to fear the power of Da Kommitee!

    The National Collective Democratic People's Republic of Freedom Loving Greenies will crush you in their Iron Fist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grovel now and we may spare you!

    We will show you the true meaning of WEEDY!!!!

  3. Quick side note on the topic of GoMo: Here's some nice terrain I found a couple of weeks ago but forgot show you:


    I've got a pic of an ork settlement on my pc but lack the web address it came from.

  4. Wow, that guy has really spent some time on his stuff! Rivets, How did we forget rivets ............?

    I particularly liked the gunshop (big surprise there, eh). He certainly has the right sense of malicious humor that is the definition of Orkiness.

  5. We didn't forget rivets, we came to the mutual conclusion that cutting them by hand would be pain in the ass (and quite likely the digits, given the nature of cutting plasticard). If we had a punch or something I'd be all over it. The guy that made that stuff must have the patience of Job to cut all those tiny pieces.

  6. I would bet he has a punch, the regularity of size of the rivets, combined with the panels that have a series of holes in them, tells me that he is punching the rivets out with something.

  7. Figured it out:


    Run a word search on the page for "rivet" and it'll bring you right to the point of interest. The answer seems to be using a rotary sewing punch on sheet styrene or cutting up styrene rod (which is a huge "duh" for me, should've thought of that a long time ago).