Monday, April 9, 2012

Axis and Allies model tanks in 1/100

       Two of my friends (Tom F. and Mike B.) have been collecting the new 1/100 scale Axis and Allies model tanks. They are widely available on EBay and cost very little from that source, often as little as a dollar each. While at Tom's I had a chance to photograph some of them "in the raw" fresh from the shipping box. They do come painted and assembled but to my mind would be in need of a new paint job. Please excuse the make-shift photo work, it was set up ad-hoc on Tom's game table.

Pictures after the break;

the Soviet T-26 

the M-18 Hellcat 

the Soviet SU-122 

the British Firefly 

the Panzer IV 

      The minis are nearly indestructable and capture the look of the prototype very well. If you are looking for fine-scaled models you will want to look elsewhere as the details are rather blurry and some of the barrels a bit thick but for gaming purposes these are well worth a look.

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