Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Strange things I found on vacation

     The reason for the low output over the last couple of weeks was that I was on vacation in sunny Florida, it takes me a while to get back up to speed  afterward so please accept my apologies. Anyways while perusing a gift shop I stumbled across some items of interest, die-cast toy pencil sharpeners made to look like vehicles and buildings. These odd little items were mostly of no use to a wargamers but I found a few that might tickle the fancy of some members. I have included a Copplestone Castings figure to give a sense of scale.

this should fit nicely with a Wild West game

OK, OK,  it is WAY too big for a ground-mount,
but navies used Gatlings of much larger caliber on ships

yes, the horse is pretty dodgy, but the carriage is good looking 

this should work in 15mm, I am not sure of what type of launcher it is 

windmills are a pain to build and most models are expensive,
these come assembled and are dirt-cheap, 15/10mm of course

      At about four dollars US each these are cheap enough to pick up on a whim. The problem is that the boxes come with absolutely no indication of the manufacturer/importer. The (clearly very bored) clerk at the Fountain of Youth gift shop (Saint Augustine Florida) said that they had a catalog that had "lots more" of these but she could not find it at the time.

       Does anybody have a clue as to the extent of the range and what is covered? I would greatly appreciate it if somebody could get us a link.


  1. Kool stuff!. My copy of Northern Fury came. The new wars bands are going to be fun. Have been painting up some Normans.

  2. Check your mail John. Sent you some stuff for SAGA. Let me know if the attachment came through. Once I get my dice I might do a Mini Saga campaign..