Monday, April 16, 2012

Cool stuff on the web

     Sometimes I just waste time. I know it is true. Then there are the times that you stumble across really neat stuff. Nearly everyone has seen the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster that a British bookseller saved from oblivion;

      This was intended to be posted if the Ge
rmans had invaded England, to stiffen the ever-stiff British upper lips. As Sealion never happened they were deemed superfluous and almost all were shredded. Now there is a webite that will allow you to make your own version of this legendary bit of wartime propaganda . See my brilliant work below;

    I thought it mught be fun for making posters for your game-room. The text can be changed about a bit to suit your particular circumstances but the overall space is limited, so stay Laconic!

    Another application that can be used for free is BigHugeLabs trading card maker. I was able to make cards that showed the rules that applied to certain models, this made introducing rules to new players very easy. An example can be seen below from my Castle Seige game. Using this system you just plug in the pertinent information into each area of the card and then upload the photo you wish to use. You can also custom make trading cards for your kids sports teams and be considerd the coolest dad ever!


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