Monday, June 1, 2020

Pinatella Completed!

       This little diversion has come to a close (almost, I might just put it on a base). I added flocking and made some trees before finishing the paintwork and now I have some eye-candy for the backdrop of my naval games.

the vegetation was just Americana Honey Brown acrylic paint 
with Woodland Scenics fine green turf sprinkled onto while it was still wet

I have never seen any micro-scale trees that I like so I just make my own;
Liquid Nails, round toothpicks and Clump Foliage torn into tiny bits are all you need

Torn. Into. Tiny. Bits.

stick the toothpick into the glue,
 get a good thick coat of glue on about 3/4 inch of it

roll it around in the tiny bits of clump foliage, 
you will probably have to stick some on with your fingers too
then spray with watered down wood glue or cheap hairspray

I went back and forth between the Spanish style stucco-covered fort
 or the more Continental style brickwork with ashlars

in the end the ashlars and brick won out

but, about halfway through painting them, I was reconsidering the idea

a quick look to make sure everything is falling into place before I added the trees

and there she is; the vacation destination of your dreams 
1/350 Zvezda model of the Golden Hind sailing past

I cheated and drew the doors and windows on the inside of the fortress with a marker

the island belongs to Freedonia in my imaginations Thirty Years War campaign, 
the king keeps his political prisoners in the old castle

       It turned out to be a lot of extra work for an accidental piece of eye-candy but I think I like it. I might just build a couple of generic ports for further amusement.


  1. Pretty great sir! Lots of character.

  2. I would definitely put that on a base, it's too pretty not to have a support under it. You could taper the edges and even hand paint shoals on it to help it blend into the surface to play on. Otherwise that is really nice, you are a master sir.


  3. What a splendid piece of terrain! Well done.

  4. Great piece of scenery there. Well worth the effort. 😀

  5. Arrrrggghh Matey that is a fine looking island.

  6. That's a great looking piece!

  7. (Blush) Thanks everybody for the kind words