Tuesday, June 2, 2020

.....Just One More thing

       Several people commented that the Monopoly houses were too small to match well with 1/350 scale minis so I reconsidered using them and decided to make my own. As long as I was making them from scratch I decided that I would make buildings with a more "Mediterranean" look; adobe walls stuccoed white and some pantiled roofs.
village on a stick, anyone?

simple geometric forms cut from blueboard 
and impaled on a toothpick to make handling during painting easier

of course I made too many......

I tried several layouts but I think that I like this one best

far enough from the fort to prevent stealth intrusions 
but close enough to stroll to the cantina

of course there is one loner that lives at the other end of the mountain

and a guardhouse, so that the staff doesn't have to spend ALL 
of their time listening to jailed nobles complain about the one-star accommodations
Dang, this photo reminds me that the Black Tower needs windows drawn in

almost like a postcard

now I'm finished, seriously, except maybe for a base.....         


  1. You're insane, you know that, right? :-)

    Seriously, further adds to the character of a marvelous little peice!

    1. I know I'm crazy. But is a ha-ha crazy, not an oh-oh crazy, so it's not too bad ;)

  2. Insanity is only doing something over and over again with negative results...
    This is clearly not the case. 😀
    Well done. The houses really add to the overall look.

  3. Very impressive piece of work - I suspect entering and leaving harbour might be a tad wind-dependent!

  4. Looks even better than before, two thumbs up!

  5. Truly a Beautiful thing you have there.