Monday, July 27, 2020

I swear, it's not MY fault!

       I admit that I have a nano-second attention span. I have learned to work with it and it doesn't disturb me very much. But, in this case, it isn't my attention span that is at fault. It is that my mouth is far more ambitious that my brain. The Housemartin (how often does THAT character show up in stories like this?) is building the forces for his Operation  Ironclad campaign game and intends to use Blood Red Skies for the air-combat portion of the campaign. For some reason inscrutable he has decided that he needed the ships to scale with the aircraft. For some even MORE inscrutable reason I agreed to build the ships. I'm still not clear why we had to use the 1/200 scale aircraft models from the rules........any scale would work and there are lots of ship/aircraft scale matches already out there.      
       Be that as it may, I am currently building some ships for him. I'm starting with the old "D" class light cruisers.
apparently this is the ONLY drawing of the ship on the internet

having drawn out the hull plan at 1/200 on a  sheet of paper I cut it out and stuck it down on a bit of whiteboard, then I taped a second piece of whiteboard under si I could cut out two hulls at the same time, just in case something went wrong later in the build (things happen, bad things)

then I did the same with the first layer of upper works, 
these were glued to the lower hulls with Titebond

then I decided to let gravity and time keep things in order
 while I went to bed for the night

in the morning I made the bridgeworks

matte board provided the deck surfaces between layers

after things had dried a bit I stuck it onto the hull 

thing were going so smoothly that I did the other one as well 
a visit with Mr 60 Grit evened off the irregularities in the hull

then it was time for the index card cladding on the hull

       Assuming all goes well I should have another installment in a day or so....


  1. Great looking models. I think you doth protest too much and that you’re enjoying yourself

    1. Truth be told I am almost forced to make models for other people as the ones I have made for myself use up so much storage space that I have to strictly limit my own toys.

  2. You are truly the wild man of Romeo (it rhymes with Borneo and is much closer). One little thing though, I do not have enough of the AA guns for a second cruiser and already placed the order with Shaperways. The order should post out sometime this week.

  3. Check you email John. I sent you a surprise. Lovely little ships.

  4. Coming along very nicely! Okay, okay, amazingly nicely.

    1. Thank you, I'm not used to this scale, it is too small for a lot of things but still big enough that crew, doors, portholes and deck clutter need to be added