Monday, August 27, 2012

A Little Housekeeping

Sorry about the lack of postings lately but August has been a bit of a shambles.

I will be getting back to the regular book, model and rules reviews as the Fall advances.

In-house there are a few things we need to address, the lagging players in the Gorka-Morka campaign need to get caught up (you know who you are) so that I can close out the campaign and we can award the trophy.

With current developments I will probably only be able to host games three weekends a month. I would like some specific and positive input as to what sort of games people would like to see. Time will be even further compressed as the Holidays approach so running games that everybody is interested in becomes all the more important.

I would like to set aside a Saturday (a long Saturday, say noon straight thru) to run a short SAGA campaign, I will need help from Gary and Mike in this regard, so get in touch with me about this you two.

Rich Uncle Pat's AK-47 campaign is still in the offing, perhaps this could fit into the Wednesday slot abandoned by the GoMo campaign.

Please respond in the Comments, I really want to know what you WANT to play; not what you don't want to play (you can always stay home if you don't want to play). Of course anyone wishing to put on a game, or host one at their home, is free to throw their hat in the ring.


  1. "I would like to set aside a Saturday (a long Saturday, say noon straight thru) to run a short SAGA campaign, I will need help from Gary and Mike in this regard, so get in touch with me about this you two."
    I'm in, just give enough warning on what Saturday it is that I can ask for it off (otherwise I can still show up, I just have to leave by 9pm). Depending on who's confirmed to be present/absent I'm willing to call in sick.

    "Rich Uncle Pat's AK-47 campaign is still in the offing, perhaps this could fit into the Wednesday slot abandoned by the GoMo campaign."
    It has the same problem as the GoMo campaign, that being Broyles' completely inflexible schedule.

  2. Anton,
    I will type out a more complete list in a while, but for now I would like to try an ancients game this weekend if there are no other plans. I have a new set from the Lardies which seem to combine Hail Caesar and Lardies rules. get back to me on this so I have tome to let OldTankGuy know to bring those great looking romans.

  3. here is a list of rulesets that i enjoy/have/will run. I am sure I have forgotten some. I can run any/all of these rules and will do so with approx. 1 week notice for setting up the scenario, ect. you know my situation as far as painted figures.

    Rules broken down by period;

    Hail Caesar
    Avgvstvs to Avrelian (tentative)
    Habet, Hoc Habet

    Hail Caesar
    Lord of the Rings

    Pike and Shotte
    Pike and Shotte

    Black Powder-Colonials
    Black powder
    Gettysburg soldiers
    Rifles and Rebels
    Muskets and Mohawks
    Long Rifle
    Colonial Adventures
    The Sword and the Flame
    Rampant Colonialism
    Science vs Pluck
    Anton's cowboy Rules
    Six gun sound
    Sharpe Practice
    Terrible Sharp Sword

    World War 1/Pulps
    Through the Mud and the Blood (quiet Anton)
    Great war Spearhead
    If the Lord Spared Us
    Price of Glory
    Where Heroes Dare
    Astounding Tales

    World War 2
    I aint been shot mum
    Troops Weapons and Tactics
    Arc of Fire
    Blitzkreig Commander
    Disposeable heroes and coffin for 7 brothers
    Point Blank

    Vietnam/Post war/other
    Charlie Dont Surf
    FNG 2nd tour
    Modern Spearhead
    Cold war Commander
    All things Zombie
    After the Horsemen

    Naval Thunder
    Grand Fleets
    Kiss me, Hardy

    Bag the Hun
    Check your 6

  4. Saturdays are now terrible for me being that I work on that day and apparantly we are unable to start a game before 8:30. Here's some input:

    1st: Your "Upcoming Gaming Dates" is so small of a font, that you cannot read it.

    2nd: Regarding Gorkamorka; I've posted relevant comments on that blog.

    3rd: SAGA- if it's going to be put on then I will try to make the time. Also, I don't have any figures or plans to get any. If this bumps me out of playing, I have no problem with that. THERE ARE ALREADY TOO MANY PEOPLE WHO TRY TO INVOLVE THEMSELVES IN THINGS THEY HAVE NO INVESTMENT IN.

    4th: AK-47 Campaign- Still in holding pattern, I think we are very close to being able to play it. But, as Dan pointed out, we are sabotaged by Mike's schedule.

    1. Re #1; I have no clue how THAT happened....will fix ASAP

      #2 I will check there

      #3 Gary V is good nearly anytime he just an advance warning, Broyles will have to be worked on. I have tons of figures so that isn't a problem and I will be able to provide interested parties with the rules in advance so that should not present an obstacle. Prior to running a campaign I would run a few games to see who likes/hates the rules and then go from there.

      #4 I have no way of controlling that issue, perhaps we could make Mike sign a contract in blood to confirm some dates.

  5. Regarding things that are WANTED:

    I will play almost any game as long as there is a solid/educated scenario involved. ("this pile running at that pile" and "I came up with this scenario for your campaign that I know nothing about", games of this nature are unnecessary)
    And if the game is something I don't want to play; the evidence has shown my record of "doing the right thing" and not showing up or leaving the room, so as to not ruin the game for others.
    Truth be told of things that are WANTED: purge the FOW people back to their day.

    I'm interested in playing:
    Ancients/MEDIEVAL (correct spelling)
    I enjoy these periods, even if they are pile on pile. (in the end, the sharp end has to be physically stuck in the other guy) MY WANT HERE is that we stick to a tried and true game system like WRG (and even simplistic DBA/DBM) versus the flavor-of-the-month rules that, to date, have pretty solidly failed.
    Same period: naval. I vaguely remember playing trireme and biremes. What happened to those?

    If there's some thought involved in the scenario and provided the rules* allow me to direct my troops without a series of unnecessary die roles that end with my figures doing nothing of what I wanted.
    *(I like the ones used in the Daftrica Campaign)

    WW1- Prefer theaters outside of Europe, but as long as it's not exclusively trenches I am interested.


    Cold War- anything EXCEPT Warsaw vs NATO pile on pile.

  6. Points of Interest: If we can start early on a Saturday, I can game as early as 2pm (possibly even earlier), that would afford me the time to actually be able to participate. I understand that might not be so easy for other people, but I'm just pointing that out as an alternative to starting games after 7pm...

    Things I Can Bring: As opposed to listing every POS rules set I've ever laid hands on, here are things I can run if people announce their interest:
    (I use terms "fast" and "easy" in places where simply PAYING ATTENTION can assist someone completely unfamiliar with the rules to play at a near equal level as someone who has played multiple games)

    Lord of the Rings: Most figures need painting but rules are fast, easy and enjoyable.

    Warhammer 40K: Most figures need painting and I need to learn the rules. We have almost every race covered. (it's more an option in the future, as rules need reading)

    Battle Fleet Gothic: Simple/fun rules and I now have 5 races (plus Kris' Tau = possible campaign)

    Cold War: Modified TW&T- Lebanon 1982, Rhodesia, (working on Egypt/Israeli Six Day War), I can also cover a number of other period African engagements.
    AK-47- Five armies between us. Fast, easy rules.
    Check Your 6!- Arab/Israeli 1966-1982. All of it.
    (plus we're only a few games into the campaign)

    Modern: Modified TW&T- Can cover a number of generic African engagements as well as generic Israeli/Palestinian engagements.

    Board Games: I think this area can be a simple alternative for an evening now and again. You've got Samurai Swords and others that are enjoyable. I can bring:

    Space Hulk- fun, fast

    Axis and Allies Global- The last time we played this, I thought that everyone had a really good time. (perhaps the Italians had too much of a really good time) But this is another game that will require an extremely early start, as the play time is immense, and a number of DEDICATED PLAYERS to get through it.

    Other future options: The pirate rules I picked up at last game-con were very promising but need to be read and re-read.
    My future "Unnamed Modern Project" is still being kicked around.
    The modified version of TW&T I think is simple enough to now cover any other Cold War/low intensity conflict, provided we acquire the figures. I'm still working on adjusting armor values to provide better depth in conflicts using modern armor.

  7. Axis and Allies Global was a blast, but Dan cannot play Italy ever,ever again!!!!!

    I would like to run another DBA "world camapign" or Samurai campaign again, those are usually amusing.

  8. I'm going to parrot three of Pat's comments real quick:
    1)The earlier games start the more likely I am to commit to showing up. It's not worth the 45min drive for me to turn up just to watch the game get set up.
    2)I'm open to playing anything that isn't shoulder to shoulder infantry/hub to hub tanks running at each other.
    3)I've got no interest in learning new rulesets for the sake of learning new rulesets. If it's a significant improvement over something we've currently got than I'm willing to give it a shot, but it's a waste of everyone's time to try and learn half a dozen different systems for the same period/scale.

    Things I'm specifically interested in:
    -Moderns (the stuff pat listed covers it)
    -Colonials and Victorian Sci Fi (specifically the daftrica 28mm rules we normally use and Distopian Wars)
    -Axis and Allies Global
    -Ak-47 (even if it's one offs, I'd like to play more just to garner some more rules experience)
    -Skirmish level medieval, dark ages, or fantasy
    -RPG level anything (although player commitments and interest are the biggest barriers to anything long term)

    Things I can bring/make:
    -I'm currently sitting on a proverbial ass load of AT43 miniatures, a handfull of which have been repainted/converted for use in victorian sci fi games as well as several in stock form. If someone's got a setting or a rules system that could put them to use I'm happy to hear it.
    -I'm set up to make 28mm terrain for fantasy, 19th century colonials/american west, modern, post apoc and sci fi (particularly space ships with interiors or dense urban environments) in either cardstock or purely kitbashed.
    -I'm set up to run GURPS in fantasy medieval type stuff, 19th century American West & colonial Africa, and victorian sci fi. I've got/can easily make everything for modern and sci fi except painted mini's. Most likely limited to one off scenarios or short (3-4 game campaigns) unless the interest is shown to go longer.

  9. MR: LOTR. I would play these. Good set of rules.

    MR: 40k. I have IG, SM, Tyranids, Tau, Frystatt (non-Codex), and a smattering of Ork and Eldar.

    MR: BFG. These are pretty good. I have Imperial Navy, some SM Navy, and Frystatt (again non-Codex)

    MR: Cold War and Modern Africa. TW&T works for me. I also recommend for smaller skirmish ARC OF FIRE. I have 28mm figures for USMC, US Rangers, SAS, Taliban/Iraqi Irregulars, Iraqi Army, British, West Germans, Russian MRD, Russian Paratroops, FFL, and African Militia. Also have vehicles and helicopters. SEE BELOW.

    Board Games:
    MR: Board Games are not really my thing although the Axis &
    Allies/RISK type games aren't bad.

    MR: SPACE HULK is good. Would like to know ahead of time so can bring more Tyranid Gene Stealers and my own SM.
    MR - some other suggestions.
    AOF rule set has a pretty complete set of armor values from WWI through to 2015. Can be used for WWI. So can the QUAR rule set.

    WWII. Skirmish using either AOF, TW&T, or NUTS. I have US Army, US Paratroops, Japanese (vs. Army), German Heer, German Waffen SS, German Paratroops, 1 U-boot, a squad of German Mountain Troops, A Company of Russians, 1940 French, some Finns, Canadians and British NWE, British Paratroops. I am working on 1 Platoon of Italian Paratroops. Figures for Russia and Germany/France from 1940-1945. The rest are 1943-45. No desert figures. Have support weapons and armor and soft skins.
    Have a 3-game Russian Front Campaign suitable for all players to be on the same side (NUTS) or not (TW&T and AOF).

    VIETNAM - have NVA platoon and a few VC plus a full USMC Rifle Platoon, 4 Huey, working on a Huey gunship and Medivac chopper, have an AH-1 Cobra. Recommended rule set is FNG 2nd Tour by THW.

    SF - can run STAR GATE using AOF SF version or THW 5150. Have Star Wars Figures, Starship Trooper figures, a lot of BUGS, QUAR, Robot army. I also have some monsters, dragons, and over 140 zombies as well as the THW ALL THINGS ZOMBIE rule sets. Have run ATZ with AOF as well.

    Have British, Italian, French, German, Japanese, US 1/2400 WWII ships - rules used GENERAL QUARTERS/II.
    CY6 is a good set. Have a fair number of WWII 1/144 aircraft and 3" hex gaming mat(s). (1 now, plan to get a second 6x4')
    If you play straight BATTLETECH on a mat with 3" hexes the game can be run with minimum changes and is to scale. Have a Brigade including AFV and aircraft of Mechs, and a set of the original rules (including all of the original mech and vehicle sheets in WORD).

    I might suggest we run one Saturday game a month at my Condo rather than at John's?

    Mike Reese

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