Sunday, September 2, 2012

Conquest Games 28mm Norman Foot

     Recently acquired from my local Brick & Mortar is this box of Conquest Games 28mm plastic Norman Foot Soldiers. Having seen the Mounted Norman Knights earlier I was excited to see what the box held in store. I was certainly not disappointed, these figures are up to the very best standards of the industry (which is saying a lot), molded in a hard gray plastic and crisply cast these are absolute beauties. With my previously purchased box of knights I now have the makings of a DBA or Saga army. The only fault is that there are no missile troops, which is a critique on the choice of models to include rather than any criticism of the sculptor's skill.

the same sort of truly tragic cover art as the Knights box,
 this has to hurt sales

the worst part is that the back of the box is SOOO much better

the contents; bases, 8x sprues of troops, 2x sprues of command and one of weapons

bases, no much to be said about these

troops sprue, side A

troops sprue, side B

close-up of the figs, sword correctly worn under the body-armor

the weapons on the troops sprue, very nice

more weapons on the troops sprue, axes were a nice touch,
 now I can do late Saxon or Viking hearthguards 

faces are good

some are very good

the command/casualty sprue, side A

side B of the same

extra arms aplenty but no extra heads

I love that they put the detail on the back of the shields, I don't know why it matters to me,
 but I like that they go to that extent

the weapons sprue, side A

weapons sprue side B

details, I just love this stuff

close-up of the weapons sprue

more close-ups

the shield faces are blank, the better to place decals I suppose

     This really is a superb set of minis and will cover most of you post-1066 foot figure requirements for almost a century. With minor work they would also function as First Crusade foot figures as well. Again, my only criticism is the lack of missile troops, the Normans were well-known for their use of missile troops which often made up a large portion of their armies. Hopefully Conquest's next box will cover assorted light troops and fill in this gap.

    VERY highly recommended!     John


  1. Great post. Thank you. Looking forward to when my set turns up.

  2. Lovely! These are on my Christmas list. Thanks for the review.

  3. Great stuff- I've got 'em and have to agree; a fantastic set of figures ;)