Sunday, September 2, 2012

Perry Miniature Mounted Knights 28mm plastic

front of box

     It has been a while since I picked up a box of Perry's plastics, I has almost forgotten how very good they are. Inside the rather flimsy box we find a dozen very well sculpted  horses and riders molded in a hard dark grey plastic, the casting work is exemplary with no flash and only the barest hint of mold-lines to be found. Taking full advantage of the flexibility of plastic molding these have been molded so that the horse is cast completely and the armor, in delightfully thin parts, is cast separately. This allows the purchaser to add as much or as little armor as they desire, greatly widening the applicability of this box.

back of the box, no wasted space here

the box includes an information-packed pamphlet with cut-out flags

the other side of the pamphlet, more flags

contents of the box


horses, side A, very well done

horses, side B, also very well done

riders weapons and armor, side A

side B of same

extra horse heads, simply superb!

I know that I go on a bit about the fine detail; but just LOOK at it!

lots of heads on each sprue

side B of the heads

finely engraved armor bits

each figure on the sprue has a different style of armor

body armor for horses, cast to fit over the model, to use as you see fit

     At right around $3US per model these are by far the cheapest 28mm  knights you can find. What makes them an even better deal is that they represent the most flexible and possibly the best figures available. They are simply amazing and meet or exceed anything that the Perrys have done up until now. These make the huge armies of glittering knights affordable to nearly everyone. The one thing that may deter some is the amount of assembly, I look forward to seeing how many unique models I can create using this set so the number of parts is a blessing.

    Very  (extremely) highly recommended,   John


  1. Get thee behind me Satan! I don't need any more projects or temptations...they are nice though...

  2. Where's the paint? It's been awhile.