Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fireforge Games 28mm Mounted Sergeants

     Frankly, I am disappointed.     

      I never thought that I would say this about a Fireforge product, based on their first two releases, but I am. Following on the heels of the Teutonic and Templar Knights Fireforge has released their mounted Sergeants. They are perfectly cast in a hard gray plastic, with the same lovely detail as the earlier Knights, and that is the problem; it is EXACTLY the same detail as the only change has been a head-swap. Granted the heads are very well executed, on a par with the very best stuff available at any price, but the rest of the box is simply a re-box of the horses and men from the first two kits. I was hoping that Fireforge would present new sculpts with this release. 

     My self-centered whining out of the way let us look at the product.

as with earlier Fireforge products the box-art is atmospheric and excellently presented

the box is a fairly insubstantial affair,
 but the careful way the models are nested on the trees avoids damage

the contents of the box, with the usual cryptic instructions

the horses are superb, if very familiar looking

side B of the horses

side A of the troops sprue

side B of the same laser-crisp detail everywhere

side A of the "heads" sprue

side B of the same, again there are tons of detail

the new heads

these are very well done

every one of them is an individual

     Another fine product aside from my earlier gripe. Anyone looking to build a cavalry force in the period 1100AD-1300AD would be foolish not to take a look at these beautiful models. The mastery of anatomy and detail is equal to anything out there.

     Very Highly Recommended (with the small reservation given earlier),     John

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