Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fire Forge 28mm Templar Knights

     The long-awaited (OK, by me at least) Fire Forge minis of the Knights Templar have finally gotten into my hands. I must say that I am both pleased and disappointed. Pleased that they cover a period that I have long been interested in and are stunningly detailed models, disappointed because they are the same models as the Teutonic Knights package that was released a while back with the exception of a swap of the heads. Don't get me wrong, if you are looking for 28mm knights Templar you would have to work very hard to find better models, I am more than a little disappointed that the opportunity to add variety to the Fire Forge line was missed. With that said let us look at the models.

box art

rear of the box

the contents,
I think they are in a contest with PSC to make the worst assembly directions sheets
and they are winning!

horses type 1 side A

horses type 1 side B

horses type 2 side A

horses type 2 side B

command sprue side A

command sprue side B

troops side A

troops side B

lots of weapon choices

the new heads are superb...

.....and all different

as usual attention to detail is everywhere

     Aside from my gripe about the missed opportunity to add new and different models to the line these are simply beautiful models, both the Knights and horses evoke a feeling of violent energy about to be unleashed. Detail abounds, even in places where it will not be seen when the model is assembled and there is plaenty of head and weapons choices.

     For anyone interested in the Crusades period this are Very Highly Recommended,  John


  1. Looks like a nice box. Thanks for posting.

  2. Those look like nice figures. How do they compare in scale with Warhammer Fantasy figures? Would I be able to swap horses/riders?

  3. They seem very nice!
    I like the heads and the weapons: great choice!
    (I've not often seen something like that in my favourite scale(1/72) except Valdemar and some others for the quality of sculpt!)

  4. I don't have any of the newer WarHammer Fantasy stuff but they are a bit small compared to the twenty year old items I have, I would have to guess that they won't mix well