Wednesday, November 24, 2021

'Rounding the turn and into the Homestretch!

        In a desperate effort to meet my deadline I stayed up until 3am pounding away at the gunners and guns. This morning I added a few last details and gave them a coat of varnish. All that remains is to base them and I'm finished with this entire force. 

Old Glory really did a good job of casting these minis, no flash, very few mold lines
if I had ordered these minis back when I ordered the cavalry I wouldn't have to be in such a rush

I'm not quite happy with the gun barrels,
 more shading and a few highlights might make the difference

1 comment:

  1. Blacken those muzzles and touch hole sir. You know you will feel better about the guns once you have indicated that they have been firing recently. Nothing else you do will satisfy like that implied "Whiff of Grape"!