Thursday, November 25, 2021

Et Finis! Just under the wire I get my Prussian Brigade completed


completed at 23:24hrs on 24NOV21, just minutes ahead of the deadline

       For once in my wargaming life I have managed to get a project completed on schedule. It is a very different feeling, frankly I'm not used to it. The toughest part was letting the Vallejo Matte spray dry before touching the minis (it is a top-flight product but takes forever to dry). Along the way I knocked together some sabot bases for my guns and gunners; this allows me to keep them as individual items in case I want to play a skirmish game with them at some later point.

the battery wouldn't really be complete without proper bases
so I cut some 3" squares from matte board

and because the rest of the army's foot figures are mounted on sabot bases
 I decided to make the same for my gunners, 
my trusty sidekick Proxxie sliced some blueboard into three inch squares about 2mm thick

I had to check for fit before proceeding

then it was a visit from "The Shiv"

and another test-fit once the holes were cut

some of my reliable Titebond wood glue

and "Boom!" the units were based

of course everything needed a coat of sand and flocking

including the gunners themselves, well their bases at least

then it was off to the spray-shop for a coat of Vallejo flat
 and an hour of waiting for it to dry


the unit in it's disassembled format

       Now it is back to painting the Guard Chassuers.......


  1. looking good. I'm almost done with my first 30 batch of Russians

    1. That gives you 60 all-told, three small battalions of twenty figures. Borrow some of my excess troops and you have a brigade ready for action