Monday, November 8, 2021

Further down the Rabbit Hole; Send In The (now painted) Cavalry

        So, my order from Old Glory came in  (very promptly and exactly as ordered, hats off to the crew over at Old Glory ) and I am off to the races painting the cavalry component of my Prussian Brigade. Clean-up on lead minis was a bit of work as I am very much out of practice but the models were cleanly cast with no flash and very little by way of flow-channels left so that went rather quickly. Then it was time to get out the "Devil's Minion"* and hot-glue the models onto painting sticks. Now they are primed and ready to go!

thirty cavalry, twenty troopers and ten officers/trumpeters/standard-bearers

the individual arms on the Dragoons caught me be surprise
 but a few dots of Gorilla Glue took care of that

I like horses, but hate painting them! 
an epic stint of painting and they are finished

more than I really needed but I plan on using a few as mounted officers

hardly award-winners but they pass the "arms length" test

the fancy fellow on the white horse is the boss

the figures are based and the glue is drying ....

....all that remains is sanding and flocking