Monday, November 14, 2016

One Of The Odd Reasons That I Love Christmas....In Five Simple Pictures

.....and one word.

     This company produces the  cool Christmas village houses and scenics that people love to buy. Every year I go poking around the village displays looking for things that I can use in wargaming, Pine trees (green and snow-covered), bridges, all sorts of scenic oddments. But I think that I have found a real treasure with this latest discovery. 18" x36" heavy vinyl mats embossed with brick of freestone patterns for $9.00US (at Menard's in the Detroit area). I bought one of each roll and, having examined them, I intend to return and clear them out.

look carefully for them, the packaging is a bit deceptive
 and tends to get jumbled in with other items, I almost missed these 

the label of the cobblestone street section laid across the sheet, I intend to use these for village bases, just set your buildings down on top of the cobblestone section and Boom! instant roads

an idea as to the size of the cobbles, 
they would work well with 20mm and larger figures

the freestone label also spread out on the sheet

and a shot to give you an idea as to the size of the stonework
this would also work for random pattern pavers

     Of course as I sit here looking at them it just occurred to me that they would work perfectly as brick or stone walls on buildings or fortresses. The material cuts easily enough with heavy shears. One sheet would certainly provide enough to cover a half dozen reasonable-sized house models or one medium size fortress. The color and molding is very good on both sheets. I see LOTS of possibilities for this stuff. But be warned, LEMAX has a reputation for producing stuff for short runs and they may not be repeated for years, if ever.

     If you want it you should run out quick and grab some.


  1. Great score there Anton.

    I try to hit Michaels every Boxing week to catch this stuff on clearance.

  2. That's awesome. Imagination runs wild with the possibilities. Great score. cheers