Sunday, January 22, 2012

Follower's blog links

     As I am held pictureless for the time being I have decided to make good on an idea that I had while back and post about the other wargaming/modelling blogs that can be found among the followers. A good many of this blog's followers have blogs of their own, many are similar, a few are very different, all deserve a look. There are a great many ideas for wargaming/modelling/painting in these blogs.

     The list is essentailly unsorted, I will probably go through them and organize them or at least make notes regarding the areas that the blog emphasises (of course the blog writers are more than welcome to add desriptions in the comment section that I will happily cut and paste into this entry).

FourEightTwo's Wargame Journal


  1. Anton,

    Thanks for the inclusion you have to sort Rebel Barracks link though has mine attached!



  2. Thanks Willie, fixed that issue (apologies to Rebel Barracks) BTW Willie those are some pretty good looking minis you have there, nice work!


    I have a BLOG as well. Didn't see it listed.


  4. Sorry Mike, I thought that was a pictures-only link, I have some other updating to do (Rebel Barracks is blue for some reason???) and I will add yours add yours as well.