Monday, January 23, 2012

Wargames Factory Samurai 28mm plastic figures

      Well, I finally made it to Michigan Toy Soldier when they had a box of Wargames Factory in stock (it seems that they are sold as fast as they are unpacked) so that I could snap some shots of the product.

box art, better but still pretty weak, the box is sturdy however

bagged like the ashigaru to prevent losing small bits, well done

out of the bag we find five sprues of five figures each

loads of spare parts in this set

side A of the sprue

side B of the sprue

yes, I am going to get carried away with the details, heads, lots of them

delicate details abound

one of the things that has always sold me on plastic figures is the proportional sized hands,
so many metal figures have hands that are way too large

neat little details for the helmets allow you to customise your figures
     Except that the whole Samurai thing leaves me ice-cold I would thrilled by these models. If you are at all  interested in the era you could do far worse than buying these. The detail is accurate and crisp, the models well-proportioned, the price is very reasonable. I can't wait until they do mounted Samurai and Ikko-Ikki monks and peasants.

     Very Highly Recommended,   John

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