Monday, January 30, 2012

Dystopian Wars Federated Fleet

     Kris has begun painting his Federated States Fleet, clad in brilliant white they stand out on the table top. The next thing you notice is the enormous guns that these babies carry, and if you are on the opposing side you get to find out just how hard they hit as well!

Federates States battleship, 38" guns, yikes!

cruisers, guns AND missiles, it packs a punch

destroyers, normally not much of a threat, but with a firepower of four
 and the ability to link fire across the squadron these really present a threat

the Fleet on the move

     As Kris gets more done I will post more picture. The Federated States fleet is unique looking with its low-profile ships and side-wheel propulsion. These models are as nice as any of the others in this range with a decidedly American look.

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