Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dystopian Wars Japanese Fleet

    Part of our last game involved the Japanese Fleet, proud property of Mike B. These rocket-launching terrors came to the rescue of the over-bold Prussians and saved the Prussian dreadnought from an embarassing end.

     Mike did a fine job of painting the fleet in an overall medium green color (reminiscent of the Japanese fleet in WW2). The number of flying models gave the game a whole new dimension (OK, bad pun, I will go to my room now). Feast your eyes on armaments of the Blazing Sun!

aerial cruisers and light surface units

heavy surface units (a battleship and a dreadnought) with their escorts

a closer view

these models have the same attention to detail that the Prussians display

the "portholes" on the destroyers are missile launch-tubes

the aerial aircraft-carrier, a wonder of modern science

     Everything that I have said about the Prussians and Covenenat models holds true for these; crisp, sharp detail excellently cast on innovative designs that capture the idea and spirit of VSF. Get some.

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