Monday, February 18, 2013

Building the Zvezda 1/144 Hawker Hurricane

     I have to confess that the Hurricane was always one of my favorite aircraft, overshadowed by the longer-lived and far sexier Spitfire the Hurricane was the backbone, muscle and sinew of the RAF during the hard days of the Battle for France and the the Battle of Britain. Easier to build and maintain, the Hurricane was numerically the most significant fighter of the RAF through those dark days. I always thought it looked cooler as well. Zvezda has added this aircraft to their growing line of 1/144 scale models and it is a beautiful kit.
box art is rather uninspired

the back is even less exciting

contents of the box

rather than link back to the earlier posts of the sprue-shots I just took them again

here is side B

the delicacy of the detail is amazing, 
the horizontal tailplanes snapped easily into place

then I snapped the fuselage onto the wing section, 
this took a fair bit of pressure I am betting it doesn't need glue

as I will be using this as a flying model I used the retracted landing gear,
 I was amused by the fact that they included spokes on the inside of the wheels

the propeller snapped into place and she was ready for the canopy 

the canopy fit nicely

the model certainly captures the look of the original

just waiting for paint and decals, which are very nice, by the way

      A quick and easy build, this captures the outline of the original aircraft very well and is perfect for either an "air support option" on FoW or as a model for air-to-air games such as CY6. At under five bucks you would be hard pressed to find a more attractive value in 1/144 scale.

     Very Highly Recommended.


  1. Nice review John. Lets hope Zevezda will make P-40s, P-39s, B-25s and A-20's. That would be oustanding. Need to take pictures of finish SFDZ 222 and Pz III flamethrow tanks..

    1. I was hoping for more off-the-wall stuff; Dewotine 520s, PZL 24s, Ratas etc, but then I AM a bit of an eccentric.

      I just picked up the 222s yesterday at Michigan Toy Soldier, rumor is that you are working on some........your paint-jobs make mine look terrible. Post them up on your site and I will link to them

  2. I've always liked the Hurricane too when I was a young boy (it's been a long time ago): Spitfire, Hurricane, Typhoon... and some Me to destroy!

    I am always tempted to buy such "easy built" planes... I will do!

    I will follow the next steps for the painting ...